Agile Product Ownership In a Nutshell by Henrik Kniberg

A fantastic high level summary of how work is defined, prioritised and delivered in an agile environment to deliver value to stakeholders.  This is only a 15 minute video but the content and visual examples given are excellent.  A must for anyone new to agile or for those wanting a refresher.

Things this video will help you understand:

  • What a backlog is and how to manage it
  • Underststanding the difference between story size and value and using this to prioritise
  • Learning to say no (and why)
  • The importance of communication
  • Being able to forcast how long things may take to deliver based on previous experience
  • The importance of frequent delivery of value for the feedback loop and prioritisation of the next most important thing
  • Managing risk in agile
  • The customer value curve and the fact that knowledge is value

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