Why Blog?

Why Blog? To share knowledge.

There done. That was quick. Hold on. Now I’ve made that statement I’d better prove my point by attempting to share some knowledge!

First question. What is knowledge? Damn that is a tricky one. Personally I like splitting it into implicit and explicit knowledge. Explicit knowledge is stuff that can be transferred by writing it down. Historical facts and figures are explicit. Assembly instructions. Implicit knowledge is learn by doing stuff. Riding a bike is implicit. Going to a concert. You’ve got to do it before you learn about it.

So blog post are clearly going to be great at sharing explicit knowledge. Write it down, publish it, people read it. Knowledge transferred. Theory and logic prevail. Nice and simple.

Hold on. What about the other type of knowledge? How are you going to share implicit knowledge in a blog post? Implicit knowledge comes from experiencing and observing. Talking about what it feels like to ride a bike. What steps you took to learn to ride? Emotion, feelings, description. Story telling.

All good but I’m describing the how of sharing knowledge. This blog post is about the why?

Sharing explicit knowledge is useful. However the only real benefit of the blogging format is simplicity. Just as easy to write it up in a document format or email. This kind of knowledge is unlikely to be changed by the process of sharing it. People either find it useful or not.

I believe the real benefits of writing a blog post is to be found in capturing the implicit stuff. This is where the blog format really comes into its own. Sharing an experience you have had. Opening it up to a public audience. Seeing your experiences resonate with others. Then hearing about their own observations on the subject matter. This is where the knowledge sharing process changes the knowledge itself, enriching it. It is certainly what motivates me to blog on a regular basis.

Perhaps you’d like to share you thoughts on “Why Blog?” below?


2 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. Wendy June 25, 2014 / 5:00 pm

    Almost 7 years ago (co-incidentally the same week I started here at True Clarity) I got my first dog. I’d always wanted a dog, according to my baby book it was the first word I ever said. I was very excited about getting a dog and wanted to share that emotion and experience with my family, friends and people at the rescue who were interested in the dogs progress. So I wrote a blog to share the experience (well I pretended the dog was blogging) http://jed-dog.blogspot.com/.

    After reading Andy’s post I looked back at that blog I started 7 years ago. I read things that i’d forgotten had happened and they made me smile. I’m sure we all forget more than we remember so in addition to sharing knowledge, a blog can be a great tool to remind you of something you felt, experienced or learned which you’d forgotten about.

    Blogs can also inspire others – one of my favourite sad, funny and ultimately inspirational blogs is that of the wife of a friend of mine who’s battled cancer, twice http://www.crazywithtwins.com/ – for her blogging is about sharing her experience with others and their support makes her stronger and drives her to continue her story.

    Do people write blogs to share their experience with others or do they write them for themselves? Ultimately it doesn’t matter – maybe your post will resonate with someone, maybe you never get any comments or feedback but it makes you feel better. Start with something you’re passionate about and get it out there

    • gothandy June 27, 2014 / 12:54 pm

      Wendy thanks for such a thoughtful response. Very kind.

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