Building Personalised Experiences with Sitecore

The Conservative Party is the current party of government in the United Kingdom, having won a majority of seats at the General Election in May. As part of their election efforts, we used Sitecore to build a personalised map that helped undecided voters understand how the party’s policies had helped secure a brighter future for people across the country. By entering their postcode, users could see exactly what that meant in their area.

We integrated various electorate information systems APIs to render the map information based on the content in Sitecore. The Conservative Party managed all of this content in Sitecore and placeholders were used to pull in the relevant numeric stats and personalised data. True Clarity knew that would be one of the first places undecided voters would go to find out about the Party’s policies in the days leading up to the election – and on polling day itself. Therefore, it was imperative that the site focused on helping people understand not just what those policies were but what they meant for them, their family and their area. This is a great example of how Sitecore can be used to enable personalised experiences for customers.
Map of Data for True Clarity’s London Office

View your own personalised area map here.

I can’t use CAPTCHA – does that mean I’m not a human?

Am I alone in absolutely hating any form that makes me fill out CAPTCHA?  I consider myself an intelligent, literate person but struggle to read the strange words and numbers that CAPTCHA presents me with.  I wonder how many people fail to complete forms simply because of these horrible barriers?

One of our teams was pondering this problem the other week and came across this nifty alternative for people to prove they are in fact humans.

I absolutely love this and think it’s a much better alternative and likely to make people fill in forms lots just to play another game – they quote a 40% increase in completions – a marketing dream!!

We’re going to be offering this alternative to CAPTCHA to our clients in the future so if this is something you’d like to see on your website, please let us know.  Works on mobiles and with flash or HTML5 and claims good reliability and scalability so looks like a safe option.

One last thing – do read the instructions on the games carefully – I initially struggled trying to put non-food objects in the fridge and to pin flying objects to the ground.  Clearly I’m not as intelligent as I’d like to think I am!